The Mathbat Math Playlist. Our interest in such matters extends to the Glorious Splendor of digital virtual reality available to all citizens of the 23rd Century, and its delicately jeweled undepinnings of outrageous mathematical calculation, speed and insight. All Hail The Infinite Mother of Resplendent Proportions.

These materials are best ingested while listening to the entire Mathbat catalog simultaneously.
Note that the Mathbat musical catalog is precisely the same duration as the Math Playlist, excluding mid-track silence. Any additional entries to the catalog will entail a new video being added to this playlist with precise corresponding duration. Please measure carefully, the margin for error is now at 8-Sigma. Winners will receive a 500-pound brick of 100% genetically engineered Pre-LifeTM cybermeat slurry.

Warning: Listening to Dirac lectures on repeat may cause excessive pineal gland secretion. Please dilute with mundane topics every third rotation.

See also: Mathbat "Music", Frame Dragging. Modified Newtonian Dynamics. Functional Renormalization. Endothermic Moisture Control. Experimental Layer Removal. Systemic Failure Operation.

Mathbat Math and Physics Playlist

Grains of salt not included. Please use moderately for your own edification.

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